My Favorite Roast Chicken

One thing that is almost universal in my experience of poached poultry in Chinese cuisine is that it is usually served cold or lukewarm, often as an appetizer. While it’s something I do quite enjoy, I have always been more a fan of the shatteringly crisp skin on a well roasted chicken.

Wuhan Hot Dry Noodles

Probably the most popular, and certainly the most famous, of Wuhan’s foods is “Hot Dry Noodles,” or re gan mian (热干面). It’s been featured in various Chinese publications as one of the top tier noodle dishes of China, and is the only thing that every tourist (Chinese or foreign) to Wuhan I’ve met has wanted to try.

Hubei Style Century Egg With Cold Tofu

Just give me the recipe instead: Hubei Style Century Egg With Tofu Intro | Devil’s Eggs Century eggs have kind of a bad rap outside Asia. I’m not saying that this is without merit — the appearance, texture, and aroma can be off-putting — but these greenish-black, gelatinous preserved eggs form the base of a…